Tips To Minimize Fees By Attorney Ronald Johnston In Beaverton And Hillsboro

February 5th, 2015

When people enter into their divorce or Family Law case, it is very common for them to wonder about the cost.  This can be very different from person to person because every case varies in time and intensity.  Attorney Fees can be a substantial expense for families and it is important to follow some advice from an experienced attorney in Beaverton and Hillsboro Oregon if you want to minimize that expense.  If you want to keep your expenses to a minimum, Ronald Allen Johnston suggests:

  • Follow the requests of your lawyer in a very timely manner.  The inability to get ahold of pertinent information can lead to many follow up calls, which can add to your bill.
  • Answer calls and requests as quickly as you can, because if the file is ready to go and a call is placed to you, time and money is saved if we can speak with you right away.
  • Make sure to listen and even take notes so you do not need to ask the same questions multiple times.  A meeting with your attorney will cost multiple hundreds of dollars. To insure that you get the most from this consultation, doing the preparation before hand is a great idea.  Reviewing notes from previous conferences can save money because less time will be spent re-explaining important information to get to the root of what needs to be discussed that day.

Following this advice can reduce your attorney fees and expenses, Click here to learn more. Once you are ready to set up a pre-divorce consultation or confidential second opinion Click here to contact our Beaverton or Hillsboro divorce lawyer Ronald Johnston today.


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