Transitioning into New Rules

April 13th, 2015

As your family begins to get used to the new way that things are run, it is important to find a smooth transition. Parents should first sit down and discuss what is most important to them and also what behavioral areas need to be addressed. New behaviors can pop up throughout a divorce due to the stress and anxiety it can cause.

Parents next should consider soliciting their children’s opinions regarding the new rules and how they will change their life. This search for approval can help children understand and accept the ways in which their family is changing. Once parents have decided upon a set of rules that keep everything consistent, they can know that this smooth transition can help their children adjust. It is also important that the new rules are a way of positively structuring a living environment, not a way for parents to assert dominance.

Family meetings are an important part of the process. Children should participate in these so they are aware of the reasons behind the rules and the consequences for not following them. Parents should of course set the parameters of the rules, but they will be more likely followed if the children feel that they were a part of the creation aspect.

Another reason for both parents to work together in transitioning into the rule process is that the children can be reassured that even though their parents are divorced, they can still work together. This allows the child security in knowing that they are loved and that neither parent is going to leave them.

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