Transitioning to Being a Single Dad

April 20th, 2015

Over the next series of blogs, we will be discussing the transition into becoming a single dad. It is so important for a father to be a large part of their children’s lives, and in no way does their positive involvement have any negative impact. A loving and supportive father is a great influence in a child’s life, and is incredibly important following a divorce.

Is it more challenging for a man to transition after divorce if there are children in the home? It is of course, because not only must the father find a way to move on, but they must also make an effort to maintain a relationship with children that they may not see every day. Adjusting to the new reality of things is a life-changing task. Knowing exactly where to start and how to rebuild can be difficult. Between the finances of maintaining two households instead of one and the payment of child support and alimony, a father may be feeling a bit lost in creating a new identity.

It is more important now than ever to maintain a close relationship with your children and make decisions that allow them to feel secure. Your new place will eventually feel like home, to you and your children. You will get used to your new freedoms and responsibilities, and someday you will not even think twice about them.

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