Try Listening Rather than Speaking

July 3rd, 2015

Regardless of the reasons behind divorce, there are most likely at least two versions of who is to blame. This can be true as you move into co-parenting. There is bound to be mix-ups and also scenarios where the two of you may not agree. You and your ex-spouse might both want to get your opinions out in the open and defend your case. Imagine though if you could both learn to listen instead of speaking without thinking.  This co-parenting method may manage to get you both talking about the underlying problem, instead of just passing around blame.

If you are unsure how to implement the practice of listening to your co-parenting partner before reacting there are a few steps you can try.

  • First, let them air their grievances without a single word from you.
  • Then you can reflect on what you heard.
  • Lastly, ask questions on how you can work together to fix the situation.

These steps might diffuse the conflict and make it easier to communicate.

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