Be Wary of Self Help and Crossing State Lines

October 17th, 2016

You may have hired a divorce lawyer in Portland Oregon, but you still didn’t get a satisfactory child custody agreement.

Custody of childWhat do you do?

Seriously consider putting your emotions aside, and seek the assistance of an experienced and qualified lawyer like Ronald Johnston.


To change a child custody agreement, you may need to return to court and seek a modification of the order.

Some parents, those who may be hurt, angry and frustrated, might choose to take the law into their own hands. They may do so by taking their child out of state.

Disobeying a child custody agreement, and taking a child across state lines, is a federal crime. It’s been one since 1980. That’s when the federal government enacted the Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act or PKPA.

How does the PKPA work?

If a parent disobeys a child custody order and transports their child across state lines for any of the following reasons:

• Retain custody
• Obtain another custody order
• To take away the other parent’s access to a child

Then according to the PKPA, it is a federal crime and not only allows state and local authorities to locate the child, but it also allows the FBI to get involved.

Furthermore, the PKPA indicates who has “priority jurisdiction.” This means that a child custody order issued in one state must be taken on “full faith and credit” in all the other states. Not only that, but courts in other states can’t modify a child custody order.

That’s why it’s critical to seek help from any of the competent divorce lawyers in Portland Oregon, especially those who have experience in obtaining modifications.

One such attorney is Ronald Johnston. To contact him, click here.

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