Waiting For an Apology After Your Divorce? A Divorce Lawyer in Hillsboro OR Thinks You May Not Want to Hold Your Breath

April 9th, 2016

One of the most challenging parts of your divorce might be the hurt feelings you are holding on to. If this is true for your situation, you might be holding out for an apology from your ex to help you move forward.

Maybe you and your ex ended your married due to infidelity or some other heartbreaking reason. The situation may have you feeling as though you have been wronged and that you deserve some emotional compensation in the form of an “I’m sorry.” Whether or not you ever hear those words out of your ex’s mouth, clinging on to that possibility as a means for moving on might have you struggling to find closure.

Maybe your ex does not believe that they are in the wrong or maybe they simply do not want to speak to you after a traumatic divorce. Regardless of the reason for not apologizing, waiting around to be apologized to, is like putting all of your eggs into one basket.

Instead of depending on your ex for closure, here are some more effective ways to find closure:

  • Find happiness for yourself: Do things that make you happy and take responsibility for this happiness. Your ex is your ex for a reason and now is a good time to relieve them of all of your expectations.
  • Focus on the people in your life that encourage personal growth: Too often, we keep toxic people in our lives that drain our energy and hurt our personal identity. Now is a great time to shed some of that negativity, and focus on people who are worth your time.
  • Plan for the future: Nothing says that you are moving on like a new career, house, or hobby. Investing your energy in what is next, instead of dwelling in the past, can help you realize that you no longer need that apology.

If you find yourself stuck psychologically longing for an indication that your ex recognizes the pain that they caused, you might disrupt your own ability to heal. It is important for you to accept that your ex has moved on, and take the necessary steps to follow suit.

To effectively cope, it is important for you to seek happiness in new areas, instead of dwelling on the wrongdoings of the past. Your divorce attorney in Hillsboro OR can help you set yourself up for a great new future. Click here to read more about how.


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