Ways to Manage Anger from a Divorce Lawyer in Hillsboro OR

February 24th, 2016

In previous blogs we have discussed the feelings and emotions surrounding divorce, and what goes into coping. That said, we have not talked in depth about the intense anger or fear that you might experience as you move through the process.

Many people enter the divorce process with an intense sense of anger that is very real. Divorce can bring feelings of pain, betrayal, and loss. This can end up putting you on a defensive and vengeful path.   When this happens, you might have trouble managing emotions that are far outside of what you can deal with on your own.

Intense anger often stems from feelings of hurt, fear, and frustration. As a protective mechanism, it is not uncommon for your anger to come out when you are feeling vulnerable or attacked. When you are on the attack, you are the one doing the rejecting, which can be comforting in an unhealthy way.

Your anger can work in partnership with fear. Fear can sometimes be overwhelming and it can take over just about every part of your life. The fear of being alone might be the greatest feeling to overcome following your divorce.

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