What to Do If You’re Owed Child Support

June 5th, 2017

Parents frequently call on divorce attorneys in Portland OR to help them with child support enforcement. If you’re owed child support, consider family law attorney Ronald Johnston. He has more than 40 years of experience fighting for the rights of mothers and fathers. 

If you’re owed child support, one option is to file a contempt motion with the court, but there are serious drawbacks to this because you must follow the contempt statute exactly, serve the other side in person, and the remedy is a fine, jail time, or some other coercion.

Your best bet is to work with a qualified family law attorney such as Ronald Johnston.

The Pros and Cons of a Private Attorney Versus a State Attorney

A private family law attorney such as Ronald Johnston has several options including garnishing wages or collecting assets, among other possibilities, for retrieving the funds owed to the child. In addition, you’ll be given top priority with Ronald Johnston and, likely, a timelier result.

In choosing to work with a state attorney, there are a few additional options available such as intercepting taxes or suspending a license, even reporting to collection agencies, but while these services are free through the state, you may be put on the back burner when it comes to priority for your case. This can result in an extended wait in getting a ruling.

Also, remember that failure to pay child support has no effect on parenting time.

If you need child support enforcement and need somebody to focus on your case and give you high priority, contact one of the most experienced private divorce attorneys practicing in Portland OR. Contact Ronald Johnston today.

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