What Type of Dispute Resolution Is Right for You?

November 2nd, 2016

When it comes to Hillsboro family law attorneys, few can match the experience and knowledge of Ronald Johnston. He has more than 37 years in family law counseling and litigation.

Conflict ResoliutionIn our last article, we defined a collaborative divorce. Perhaps you’re wondering if a collaborative divorce is right for you?

Remember, there are several methods of dispute resolution, and Johnston is adroit at all of them.

There’s arbitration, mediation, negotiation, judicial settlement conferences, face-to-face settlement conferences, and as Johnston likes to call them, “settlements on the courthouse steps.”

Johnston believes that almost all cases can be settled without going to trial. He’s able to settle cases by identifying the “roadblocks to settlement” and then choosing the right type of dispute resolution capable of circumnavigating the impediment.

Furthermore, Johnston has earned the reputation of being “tenacious in settlement” and has the respect of his colleagues. Johnston’s reputation and veneration allows him to work with more alacrity than less experienced lawyers.

Unfortunately, some cases do go to court. In Johnston’s experience, cases go to court when one party has unrealistic expectations, or they feel insecure, scared, and angry.

Contact Ronald Johnston, an admired family law attorney practicing in Hillsboro, to learn how he can resolve disputes associated with your divorce.

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