What You Need to Know About Traveling Internationally with Your Child

June 21st, 2017

Divorced or unmarried parents need proper documentation when traveling internationally with their child. Ronald Johnston, a prominent divorce attorney in Hillsboro OR, helps mothers and fathers comply with the law so their vacation goes smoothly. 

Consider the following if you’re traveling to another country with a minor who’s not accompanied by both birth parents:

  • One parent traveling with the child while the other parent is still alive. The parent doing the traveling will need authorization from the other parent.
  • One parent traveling with the child while the other parent is deceased. The parent will need a copy of the other’s death certificate as well as their child’s citizenship documentation.
  • Child is traveling without either birth parent. The traveling child will need notarized consent from living parents and/or a death certificate of any deceased parents.
  • Child is traveling with a guardian. The guardian will need the child’s citizenship documentation and a certified copy of their guardianship papers. If the guardian is not part of the child’s international travel plans, they should provide the minor with a notarized affidavit of consent.

If you plan to travel abroad with a minor, you’ll need to have the proper legal documents. For help acquiring those documents, contact Ronald Johnston. He’s an experienced divorce attorney practicing in Hillsboro OR.

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