When Can A Child Custody Order Be Modified?

May 22nd, 2017

Ronald Johnston is a skilled divorce lawyer practicing in Portland Oregon. He has more than 40 years of experience working with mothers and fathers to ensure that a custody order serves their needs and the needs of their children. 

One of the questions mothers and fathers routinely ask Ronald Johnston is when can a child custody order be modified?

In Oregon, the principle governing child custody orders is the best interest of the child.  For this reason, there are only two instances which would allow you to modify a child custody order:

  • When both parents agree to modify an existing order. If this happens, the court can sign off on the change or hold a hearing.
  • When there’s been a significant change to the circumstances of you, your child, or your child’s other parent.Significant change would include something such as a change in living situation, a change in the needs of the child, a change of physical custody of the child, or a change in the number of children involved. These are just a few examples; if you believe there’s been a significant change which might enable a child custody modification, you can ask the court to modify the child custody order.

Ronald Johnston, a knowledgeable and experienced divorce lawyer practicing in Portland Oregon, can help you understand the options for modifying an existing child custody order.  Contact Ronald Johnston today!

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