When is the Right Time?

April 27th, 2015

You’ve been a committed single dad to your children for a number of years now.  During this time, you have put so much into making sure you were there for your kids and keeping them happy. Not only have you made every effort to never miss a school play, t-ball game, or swimming lesson, you have provided for them financially and emotionally in every way possible. As you enter a period in your life where you begin to need more for yourself, it is important to take the opportunity to branch out and meet some new people. Adult people, the kind of people you make meaningful relationships with or go on dates with. It has probably been a while since you have really thought about your personal life or love life.

The first step in getting back out into the dating world is to develop a strategy. Sitting back and waiting for the perfect woman to plop into your lap is simply not a realistic way to go about this process. There are many ways to meet someone new, you can take up dancing lessons, join a cooking class, sign up for a new gym, or anything that involves getting yourself out there.

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