When You Can Request a Spousal Support Modification

May 5th, 2017

Ronald Johnston, a divorce attorney in Beaverton OR with more than 40 years of experience in family law, wants you to know exactly when you can request a spousal support modification.

Spousal support modification is decreasing or increasing the amount of spousal support one spouse pays to another. Usually, the payer wants to decrease the amount.

To modify your spousal support agreement, you must show the court that you have experienced a “substantial change” in your financial situation that you could not have foreseen during the divorce process.

“Substantial changes” includes many situations. For example:

  • You’ve suffered a disability
  • There’s been a major increase in your expenses
  • You lost your job
  • You have remarried
  • You are cohabitating with a romantic partner
  • You’ve suffered a significant decrease in income

To show a court that your financial situation has changed, you’ll need to show them proof. This is where an experienced lawyer like Ronald Johnston can really help.

Johnston knows what kind of documentation the courts will want to see and can promptly help you prove that your financial situation has changed.

Modifying a spousal support is one of those legal proceedings when acting quickly is very important.

If you need to request spousal support modification, contact Ronald Johnston today. He’s a knowledgeable and capable divorce attorney practicing in Beaverton OR.

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