When Your Adolescent Wants to Change Residences – Some Insight From Your Beaverton OR Family Law Attorney

September 14th, 2015

When children enter into adolescence, it is not uncommon for them to begin to focus on their own needs, instead of the needs of their parents. This can be difficult for parents to face, because social connection may take precedence of the desire to spend time with the family. The need to fit in with their friends will sometimes outweigh everything else. Cell phones, electronics, Facebook, and other factors of independence may come before their parents. As these emotions become a bit more unbalanced, parents sometimes begin to feel used and unappreciated. Your sweet baby, who cried whenever you left a room, is now a teenager who may want very little to do with you.


The process can be even more complicated when there are two residences involved. The relationship between teenagers and their parents can become strained, especially if the teenager would rather spend time with one parent instead of the other.


This contrast between homes may become complicated, and the teenager may want to be where there are differences in values, responsibilities, expectations and limits.  Co-parents can begin to feel as though they are competing with each other for the teenager’s affection. One parent may use bribery or be more lax with the rules in order to make the teen want to stay at their house. It is important now more than ever to stick to your values, even if your child attempts to hold you hostage.

Divorce can be hard for teenagers and so can determining the best living arrangements. For help through the process, contact your Beaverton OR Family Law attorney today! Click here to read more!

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