Which Sex is More Likely to be Unhappy in Marriage?

October 13th, 2014

Over the last four decades, the percentage of people getting divorced has fluctuated between 40 and 50%.

The Austin Institute recently published a study titled Divorce in America: Who Wants Out and Why?

In this study over 15,000 adults were surveyed, nearly 4,000 of whom were divorced.

One key finding from the study was that women are more likely than men to be unhappy in a marriage.

When asked if they had thought about leaving their partner in the last year, 20% of females said yes, while only 13% of males answered the same way.

It was more than just thinking about leaving though.  The study showed that 55% of women said they wanted out of their marriage more than their spouse did, while only 29% of men reported the same.

Across 25 data sets and over 125 years, women were more likely to file for divorce than men.

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Our next post will go into further detail about this study.  We will look at the study’s findings on the top reasons why couples are choosing to divorce.

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