Who Performs Child Custody Evaluations in Oregon?

September 22nd, 2017

In Beaverton Oregon, there are many family law attorneys available to advise you in your child custody matter. Ronald Johnston, however, is the only one with four decades of experience in family law as well as an indomitable dedication to the rights of parents and the sanctity of parenting time. 

In this article, we answer the commonly asked question of who performs child custody evaluations in Oregon.

Often in contested cases, an expert evaluator will be used to interview the pertinent parties and make an evaluation to the court about which party should be awarded custody of the child.

The courts don’t have to follow the evaluator’s recommendations but they usually do. The evaluator’s assessment carries a lot of weight.

Evaluators are usually some type of mental health professional or a social worker. Both parties have a say in selecting an evaluator.

This is where Ronald Johnston’s 40 years of experience comes in handy. He’s an expert in selecting the right evaluator for a specific client and their child custody case. He’s also skilled at preparing his clients to meet with an evaluator.

If you’re trying to obtain a child custody order, contact Ronald Johnston to schedule a confidential consultation. He’s one of Beaverton’s most qualified and respected family law attorneys.

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