Why a Couple Enters into a Postnuptial Agreement

August 20th, 2017

If you live in or around Hillsboro Oregon, and you need a knowledgeable divorce attorney, consider Ronald Johnston. For more than four decades, he has helped clients with their family law matters.

One such family law issue is postnuptial agreements. These agreements are also called “postnups” or “post-marital agreements.”

post nuptial agreement

What exactly is a postnuptial agreement?

A postnuptial agreement establishes guidelines for dividing assets and property in the event of a terminated relationship. A postnup does not end a marriage. It just establishes a plan in case the marriage ends.

Why do couples enter into postnuptial agreements?

Generally, a couple enters a postnuptial agreement to protect preexisting assets that may increase in value during a marriage. These assets include:

  • Business interests
  • Employment-based wages
  • Employment benefits
  • Equity interests
  • Estate payouts
  • Fraternal society benefits
  • Inheritance
  • Investment dividends
  • Life insurance policies
  • Retirement funds

When considering a postnup, it’s important to seek the advice of a competent family law attorney like Ronald Johnston. Oregon has no statutes dealing with the enforceability of postnuptial agreements which can leave postnuptial agreements vulnerable to legal challenges.

If you want to know more about postnuptial agreements, or need help drafting one, contact Ronald Johnston today. He’s a venerated divorce attorney practicing in Hillsboro Oregon.

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