Why Experience Matters in a Divorce Attorney

July 21st, 2017

There are many qualified divorce attorneys practicing in Hillsboro OR and the surrounding area. Some work for prominent law firms and some have law degrees from impressive institutions. Some lawyers have both. 

Law firms and degrees are great, but another quality that’s important in an attorney is experience. Ronald Johnston has forty years of experience practicing family law in Oregon.

In fact, he’s been counsel for several cases involving “of first impression.” “Of first impression” means the issue has never been ruled on by an Oregon court. Johnston also litigated Oregon’s first case under the federal Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act.

Obviously, his wealth of experience benefits his clients. For example, he has successfully worked with a lot of professionals over the years. In working with these lawyers, he has earned their respect and admiration.

These relationships allow Ronald Johnston to make deals quickly and efficiently. These deals, that only a lawyer with his experience can make, save his clients time and money.

His experience has also taught him how to select mediators. He knows which mediators are likely to make rulings that favor his clients.

When it comes to experience, few divorce attorneys in Hillsboro OR can match Ronald Johnston’s four decades of practicing family law. To put his experience to work for you, contact Ronald Johnston today.

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