Why Hire a Divorce Attorney

December 29th, 2014

The questions about whether or not a person needs a divorce attorney are ones that are raised often, and in most cases retaining one to represent you is a good idea.  Having someone to protect your rights in a confusing process is beneficial for your financial and personal needs.

The benefits in favor of hiring a divorce attorney are:

  • A divorce attorney not only knows the divorce laws for any situation, they also stay current with new laws that may go overlooked by someone attempting the process without an attorney.
  • A divorce attorney understands the process of filing motions and petitions on your behalf, and also know when the best time is for these to be put into play.
  • A divorce attorney is very experienced in the negotiation process when it comes to child custody, alimony support, and the division of property and belongings.
  • A divorce attorney has connections with other attorneys and judges, allowing them to tailor their proceedings to fit each situation best.

It is important to hire an attorney who is truly invested in protecting your rights during a divorce.

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