Will I Have to Go to Court for a Restraining Order in Portland Oregon?

October 1st, 2014

Last blog post we talked about domestic violence and the importance of having a lawyer when seeking a restraining order against the accused.

Today we’re going to discuss whether or not you can expect to go to court during the process.

In Oregon, you will have to go to court for a hearing if the order is contested by the accused.  More often than not this is the case.

The hearing can be very stressful and emotional for the person petitioning a restraining order, so it is important to have representation there.

An attorney like Ronald Johnston can assist you in your preparation for the hearing by ensuring that you have all necessary documentation and information to help the judge rule quickly and effectively.

A successful petition will grant you protection from physical abuse as well as harassing phone calls, emails, texts, and the like.

For assistance with this, or any other family law issue, contact Ronald Johnston.  Our phone number is (503) 226-7986.  You can also reach us by clicking here.

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