Your Beaverton OR Divorce Attorney Sheds Some Light on How Children Take on their Parents Burdens

September 30th, 2015

The last blog discussed the ways in which a child’s sense of self is strongly linked to how they view their own parents. This blog with further discuss the elements of how they relate their own flaws to the ones they believe that their parents possess.

When children believes that their parents are loving and honest, they will likely internalize these same qualities, and find them within themselves. If they begin to believe that there is something wrong with their parent, they may start to fear that they are also flawed in these ways too. In the situation where the father is depicted as irresponsible or useless, they may begin to think they will follow the same path. The connected three ring diagram that was discussed in the last blog, shows how a child’s sense of self links with, and overlaps with, the parents on either side.

Many parents are concerned that a divorce will impact their children in a negative way, but some may not realize how much the process can impact self-esteem. For help getting through it with a Beaverton Oregon divorce attorney who understands family dynamics, click here.

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