Your Beaverton OR Family Law Attorney Discusses Some Important Factors to Consider About Nesting

October 9th, 2015

The purpose of this post is to discuss some important things that parents should consider prior to entering a nesting situation with their ex or ex to-be.

Nesting can be ideal for parents who are considering a trial separation. Parents in this situation are not sure if they will move forward with divorce, or work on their relationship. It may beneficial because, the children do not have to adjust to a new living arrangement until it is permanent. Even if parents are simply separating to work on their marriage, roles may be drawn up so each parent understands what their parenting time looks like and what the expenses are.

Sometimes nesting is being used during an early phase of a collaborative divorce. This is helpful to the whole family because the parents do not need to immediately determine custody arrangements. This early divorce phase is an ideal time to implement nesting, helping to create less stress for children by avoiding shuttling them back and forth.  Nesting also allows for a smooth transition into life after divorce.

Here are a few ideas to help make nesting successful:

  • Nesting may work better when parents are planning to share physical custody.
  • Communication is an important element to nesting because families are still very involved together.
  • Parents may want to consider residing close to each other.
  • Co-parenting is important, so parents may want to work on keeping their relationship healthy.
  • Boundaries and rules can be followed and respected.

This information about nesting is meant to help families who are looking for ways to reduce stress and trauma on their children during and after a divorce.

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