Your Beaverton Oregon Divorce Attorney Outlines the Benefits of Having a Pet during the Divorce Process

August 10th, 2015

Divorce is an emotional situation for many families. This is especially true for a child. Animals can offer a therapeutic touch during this difficult time and help them cope. The constant love offered by a pet can also help add that bit of stability during a traumatic experience.


Here are four positive outcomes that can arise when a family adds a pet into the mix:

Unconditional Love: A pet can offer a child support and unconditional love, which may be something they need throughout a confusing situation. Many researchers believe that this support is key to moving past this trauma because they can help them move towards acceptance.

A Friend: Sometimes talking to an animal can help a child feel better. These trusted friends can be confided in and trusted during a time where a child may trust no one.

Security: Pets can help children better cope with challenging times within divorce. They make them feel less alone.

Stress Reduction: Many medical studies out there have shown that pets are beneficial for adults too. Walking, talking to, and petting you pet can assist in lowering both blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

As you go through this emotional time, it can help to align yourself with a Beaverton Oregon divorce attorney who will be your advocate. To learn more, click here.

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