Your Divorce Attorney in Portland Oregon Suggests Ways to Create Harmony in Your Step-Family Situation  

October 16th, 2015

The previous two blog posts discussed the importance of letting time pass to create a positive step-family relationship. This post will further discuss how to create a close family unit in a blended family.

Adding a step-parent to the family can be emotional and confusing to a child, regardless of their age. The first thing that a step-parent might consider, is that the child may be concerned about whether biological parents will still be active in their lives. To help calm these fears, a step-parent can reinforce that they will always have their parents. Explaining to them that a step-parent is just one more person to love them might give some peace of mind to a child who is already dealing with a great deal of change.

Overall, some say that the greater our expectations, the greater the opportunity for resentment. So while it is important to expect respect from a step-child, understand that affection may not show up right away. Patience and understanding is key to successful family blending. Step-families can be complicated because there are many different relationships involved within them.


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