Your Divorce Might Send You Back to School

August 8th, 2017

It’s true. Your divorce might send you back to school. Not a college or university, but a parenting class.

Ronald Johnston, one of the most experienced Hillsboro OR family law attorneys practicing today, can explain parenting classes in greater detail.

In Oregon, if you’re getting a divorce and minor children are involved, you’re required to complete a parenting class. 

The length and price of these parenting classes vary from county to county. Generally, the class is a few hours in length and deals with a plethora of topics, especially how to help your children cope with your divorce.

For example, in Marion County, the course is called “Helping Children Cope with Their Parent’s Divorce or Separation” or COPE. It’s a one-time, four-hour seminar.

In Washington County, the course is called “Kids’ Turn.” It’s a series of four 90-minute workshops.

You’ll usually take this class early in the divorce process. If you fail to take the class, your divorce won’t be finalized.

If you need a capable and knowledgeable lawyer to represent you in a child custody matter, contact Ronald Johnston. He’s been practicing family law in the Hillsboro OR area for more than forty years and is one of the state’s most venerated attorneys.

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