Your Family Law Attorney in Hillsboro, OR Discusses Making Halloween Fun

October 28th, 2015

The last blog discussed the ways in which a family in a divorce situation may go about sharing Halloween.  This blog will further discuss how to make the best of a difficult situation.

Halloween can be fun for everyone, parents included.  This is especially true when parents are willing to cooperate.  The evening can be split, both parents can go along, or the older children can go with friends.  Sometimes, one parent may be more interested in these holidays and have creative ideas to make it a fun experience.

The success of this day can depend greatly on the attitudes of the parents.  When parents are willing to work out the details together, they can show their children that it is ok to have fun and enjoy the day. Halloween is a holiday that should be considered on the list of holidays discussed in the parenting plan between the ex-spouses.  This is because it is one of those holidays that can be forgotten or overlooked.  Parents may remember Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving — but forget Halloween.  Which may be a problem because it is among the favorites of many children.  Parents can make this day special by considering their needs first.  A tight schedule with no flexibility may not be the best idea for this day. In truth, it’s not your time or your ex’s time…it’s your child’s time.

The next blog will yield some tips for ex-spouses on Halloween.

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