Your Hillsboro OR Divorce Attorney Discusses Why Some Parents Consider Nesting During Divorce or Separation

October 5th, 2015

Everyone has heard of the term “nesting.” Most people hear it and think of a mother preparing for a new baby. This term is also used in a divorce situation. “Nesting” during a divorce is about minimizing disruption for the children whose parents are separating. The idea behind it is based on the thought of keeping a child’s life as close to normal as possible, allowing parents to switch places living in the home. When it is mom’s turn with the children, she will live in the family home together with them. When it is the father’s turn with the children, the mother will stay elsewhere and the father will stay in the home. This type of schedule will allow children to experience only a small amount of change.

Over time, this idea has been getting more and more popular with parents, especially for those who want to minimize stress in their children’s lives. Nesting can be an ideal situation when parents are separating before they make the decision to divorce. Depending on the situation, it can range from being successful to a complete disaster.

The next few blog posts will continue to discuss the idea of nesting as a living scenario for divorcing parents.

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