Your Hillsboro OR Family Law Attorney Discusses Coping Mechanisms With Borderline Personality Disorder

August 26th, 2015

The last blog discussed how being raised by a parent with borderline personality disorder might impact a child’s life. This blog will further discuss a BPD parent’s coping mechanisms. A BPD parent’s greatest fear is being abandoned by those that they love and those that love them. They will do almost anything to avoid this rejection, once they feel that they are not loved, the will scramble. In order to maintain control they will begin to create dependency in their child and will be unable to see their child as separate. In this, they may begin to view others, as well as their children, as either all good or all bad.

blow-bubbles-668950_640-1People with BPD may have a difficult time seeing the “gray” area in life, which is where most of the world actually exists. This may make separation especially difficult, because a parent with BPD may believe that their child is betraying them if they develop a relationship with the other parent. Further, they might even teach their child that if they want to feel safe that they must adore them and deny the other parent. This “you are either with me or against me” notion can be very damaging to a child

Divorce is hard enough, but when a parent has underlying issues, the child may suffer even more. Please click here to read about how your Hillsboro OR family law attorney can help advocate for your parental rights.

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