Your Portland OR Divorce Attorney Discusses a Few More Ways Parental Relocation can Impact the Life of a Child

September 25th, 2015

Aside from missing important holidays, school events, or quality natural parenting time, there are a few other reasons why parental relocation can be difficult for the entire family.

First of all, when a parent moves far away, they may lose out on the opportunity to teach their children. They may not have ample amount of time to do things like teaching their child how to work with tools, ride a bike, or do yard work. These skills will have to be squeezed into short visits, or simply left to the custodial parent. This may lead to somewhat of a disconnect. A parent who forgets to go out of their way for their child may experience a lack of knowledge about their child’s abilities, skills, or even a lack of knowledge about their teammates or coaches.

Another issue is that the child may experience a disconnection from adult influence.  The relocated parent will not have the opportunity to know his son’s teachers, physician, piano teacher or other adults in his son’s life.

Important days, like birthdays, may end up being missed. Even with the best of intentions, not every important day can be celebrated when a parent lives out of town. Also, if the relocated parent remarries, the child may end up missing out on their step-sibling’s lives.

Summer Activities may become disrupted. In some situations, the non-custodial parent will have the child for a large portion of the summer. This can disturb the child’s social life because they will be spending that time traveling.

Overall, parents may want to consider what is best for their child.  Parents can seek the help of an attorney to block parental relocation if necessary.  For more information about how parental relocation can impact your child’s life, click here to contact your Portland, OR family law attorney today.

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