Your Portland OR Divorce Attorney Discusses Avoiding Arguments

September 7th, 2015

Avoiding arguments with those you disagree with can be very difficult, especially during or following a divorce. It is important to consider that being divisive may destroy unity and being argumentative may allow you to resist anyone else’s point of view.  Consider this statement when entering into an argument: Avoiding a fight is a mark of honor; only fools insist on quarreling. This is easier said then done, and often people simply want to have the last word. This competition can further fuel your conflict with others.


A tip for avoiding conflict is; to change a person’s mind with observation and not through arguments. There are always two sides to every story and you may not ever be able to get your co-parent to “get it” with your words.

King Solomon also said, “Beginning a quarrel is like opening a floodgate, so drop the matter before a dispute breaks out” When you avoid a fight with silence and impulse control, you can move forward in understanding and respect.

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