Your Portland OR Divorce Attorney Discusses Some Reasons Why a Mother May Not Have Primary Custody

September 2nd, 2015

The last blog discussed the unfair stereotype for noncustodial mothers. This blog will further discuss a few situations where a mother may not have custody, thus disproving the belief that a mother without primary custody is a bad mother.

In order to fight back this stereotype, we can try to recognize other reasons why a mother may not have primary custody.mother-84628_640

  • There are occasions when the court will determine that the father is better equipped to provide the primary care of the children.  This is happening more often, especially if the mother is working and the father has been a stay at home dad.
  • If the mother travels for her job more than the father, the parents may agree to give primary custody to the other parent.
  • Some mothers may recognize that the father is more nurturing to their children, in turn making the decision for the father to have primary custody.

Overall, the most important thing is often what is best for the child. In many cases, it takes two parents that love their children unconditionally to make the right decision. It can be difficult enough for any parent to not see their child frequently without this additional negative stigma placed upon them.

Society is always changing, but some of society has not yet changed the unfair assumptions placed on a mother who does not hold primary custody. To discuss custody matters with a Portland OR divorce attorney who is a strong advocate for family rights, click here!

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