Your Portland Oregon Divorce Attorney Offers Visitation Advice

August 7th, 2015

In many situations, a parent’s involvement in a child’s life is a positive thing. Visitation is something that often allows for this to take place and it should be taken seriously. Making it a priority can help show your child that you put them first.

Being prompt and on time is vitally important. You should be “there” with your children in this moment to reinforce the fact that you value these visits as much as they do. Children need to know how important they are to you and that they are the priority. The drama between you and your co-parent can wait for other times. During this visit, maybe try to show them that they are your main priority. Even if it is tempting to divide your attention, remember that your emails and text messages can wait until your child leaves. A calendar can be used in both homes. Special days and times can be 
marked so the child can know what to expect. This might help make a potentially confusing schedule a bit more predictable.

Another way to truly focus on what is important is to make a conscious effort not to fight in front of the children. These few moments where your child sees you interact may frame the way they view the relationship you have with each other. This time should probably be used to focus on the children. If there are important discussions that need to take place, dealing with your differences at a separate time might help make the process run more smoothly.

The tone of the relationship between your co-parent and yourself may be set early on during the divorce process. To help you get through it, click here to contact an experienced Portland Oregon Divorce Attorney Ronald Allen Johnston today.

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