Paternity for Unmarried Fathers

Our Portland Family Lawyer Discusses the Importance of Legal Paternity

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Even if you are currently in good standing with the mother of your child, unmarried fathers do not inherently have rights to their children without legal paternity. An establishment of paternity ensures the ability of both mothers and fathers to receive:

Unlike when a child is born to a married couple, there is no presumption that the man is the biological father of a child if the couple is not married. Our Portland family attorney Ronald Allen Johnston has experience working with men and women to secure their legal rights in contested and uncontested paternity cases. He will figure the most cost effective and efficient way to ensure your protection under the law, including whether to sign a Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity (VAP) and other matters to secure your legal rights and obligations.

Our Portland Family Attorney Guides You through Paternity Law

If a VAP is not legally executed after birth, it is in both mothers’ and fathers’ best interests to file a paternity petition as soon as possible to secure parental rights to a child. Without a paternity petition filed in court, unmarried women retain many legal rights to custody and parenting time without consideration of the father. This may include the ability to move out of the state or even the country with the child. When an unmarried father establishes his paternity in court, he may then stop or at least be considered for parenting time if a mother wishes to relocate with the child.

If you are an unmarried mother needing child support and custody arrangements, Ronald Johnston can discuss your legal rights in pursuing paternity and a child support order, as well as working out custody and a parenting time schedule.

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Our firm advocates for the rights of mothers and fathers needing assistance in family law matters while always maintaining the best interests of the child. Portland family lawyer Ronald Allen Johnston cautions that even if you think you may not need to file a paternity order to reserve the rights you have regarding your child, more often than not, there comes a time in which unmarried parents may have legal issues that will benefit from having a paternity order in place. Call (503) 226-7986 today to learn about the benefits of filing for legal paternity.

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