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Oregon courts require the best interests of the child to be the most important element in any proceeding that affects them. If you have an existing child custody order and you would like it modified, you must petition the court. Custody modifications can be complex, but Ronald Allen Johnston has more than 40 years of experience in family law. His knowledge and skill can work for you to ensure that your child custody order best serves your needs and the needs of your child. Our Portland family attorney believes strongly in the rights of mothers and fathers alike.

Can Modifications to Child Custody be Made Anytime?

In order to maintain a level of stability, modifications to child custody cannot be requested at any time. There are certain circumstances under which you can request to have an Oregon court modify your standing child custody order. If it has been at least 36 months, three years, since the order was issued, last modified or reviewed, you may petition the court to make a change.

If your current order is less than three years old, you may still be able to request a modification to custody. In the event that there has been a significant change to the circumstances surrounding you, your child and/or the other parent an Oregon court will review your petition for modification to determine if a change would benefit the child involved.

What Qualifies as a Substantial Change in Circumstances?

There may be any number of situations that may qualify your custody order for modification in Oregon. Every family is unique, and the court will evaluate each case individually. A few examples of substantial changes are:

  • Living situations of a parent has changed
  • Needs of the child have changed
  • Physical custody of the child has changed
  • Change to the number of children involved

Parenting time and child support may be reviewed under the same process, and at the same time as a request to modify your child custody order. It is possible for the custodial and non-custodial parent to agree to modifications to the existing orders on file. The court then has the option to sign the petition, or requiring the parties to appear for a hearing.

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Portland family lawyer Ronald Allen Johnston has worked with families in many different circumstances over the years. He always keeps the best interest of your child at heart and will fight to put you in the best position to benefit your children. For more information about filing a petition to modify child custody, call us at: (503) 226-7986.

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