Child Support Enforcement

Our Portland Family Lawyer Can Fight for You and Your Child

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Orders of child support are intended to ensure that both parents are contributing to the best interests of the child. When a parent defaults on these payments, it is the child first and foremost who is negatively impacted. Portland family attorney Ronald Allen Johnston has been practicing family law for more than 40 years. In that time, he has worked with hundreds of families in various different situations, always with the same goal – to protect the interests of his clients and of their children. If you need assistance getting your child support payments enforced against another parent, our firm is here for you.

Can I Get the Child Support I am Owed?

If you are owed child support, a family law attorney can help. To enforce a child support order, a person can file a contempt motion before the court. The contempt motion will require the party who is non-compliant to show cause why, if any, he or she is not complying with a court order. Once the court has heard both sides of the issue and makes a ruling, the court has multiple mechanisms to enforce its orders that we have delineated below.

It must be noted that parenting time and other matters involving custody are not dependent on child support. Therefore, even if you are not receiving child support, parenting time and custody orders remain in full force and effect.

Oregon Uses Various Methods of Enforcing Child Support Orders

  • Garnishment of income
  • Suspension of licenses including: driver’s license, passport and/or any occupational or recreational licenses in the even more than $2,500 in back support is owed
  • Collection of federal payments, such as tax refunds. State tax refunds may be collected as well
  • Lien against any property the non-custodial parent owns in Oregon, preventing it from being sold with a clear title until after the support is paid
  • Reporting to credit agencies
  • Court may put the non-paying parent under contempt for failure to pay support, or even impose a jail sentence in the most extreme cases

Ronald Johnston for Child Support Enforcement

Portland family lawyer Ronald Allen Johnston has been practicing in the field of family law for more than 40 years. Our firm has worked with many families to ensure the best interests of the children involved in the proceedings are well represented. To learn more about how to begin the process of enforcing your existing child support order call us at: (503) 226-7986.

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