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Our Portland family attorney has focused his more than 40 years in law practice working to protect the rights of mothers and fathers alike and to ensure that the needs of the children involved in his family law cases come first. There are times when the original, or most recent, order for child support no longer best serves the family. When this happens, a parent must petition the court to modify the order of support to reflect the most recent circumstances.

When Can I Request Modification to My Child Support?

Orders for child custody  and child support must meet certain requirements before they qualify to be modified. In order to have an Oregon court modify your current child support order, it must have been at least 36 months, or three years, since the most recent order or review. However, if you can demonstrate that a significant change in circumstances has occurred, the child support order may warrant a review before that time limit has been reached.

Substantial Change in Circumstances to Modify a Child Support Order

Oregon courts require that there be a substantial change in circumstances to review your child support order prior to the end of a 36 month period. Each case will be review individually, but these are some examples of changes which the court might consider substantial:

  • Physical custody of the child has changed
  • Change to the number of children involved
  • Needs of the child have changed
  • Change in the income of one, or both parents

A substantial change in circumstances can be used for both an upward modification of child support, as well as a downward modification. Once a motion for modification has been filed, discovery will take place, and a hearing may be necessary. The same process may be used to request changes to parenting time and child custody at the same time as a request to modify your child support order.

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