Our Portland Family Attorney Reviews Child Support in Oregon

Father and Son
Child support is a right of the child. In all divorce and custody cases, one parent will pay support to the other. Parents who share joint custody are no exception, although parenting time will affect support calculations. Administrative guidelines calculate child support obligations even if parents agree otherwise. Calculations have some room for interpretation, and mistakes and oversights can be detrimental. Portland family lawyer Ronald Allen Johnston understands the struggles and financial obligations upon parents and employs creative solutions to obtain the best result possible for each of his clients.

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Child Support Overview Topics

A child support order is required for parents seeking a divorce, for unmarried parents seeking paternity and child custody, relocation and modification of custody and welfare recovery. An administrative child support order is enforceable as a judicial child support order.

Each state sets its own specific child support rules and guidelines. Oregon revamped its guidelines in January 2010, and parents should disregard earlier versions of the guidelines. Legal custody does not affect a child support award, but parenting time does.

Children are entitled to receive child support until they are 18 years old. However, children aged 18-21 may still qualify to receive child support in Oregon if they are unmarried, not in the military and attend school, college or vocational training part-time or full time.

Child support is not set in stone once the court enters the order; however, modifying a support order is a two-step process. The first step is for the court to determine modification is warranted due to the present circumstances being substantially different from the circumstances surrounding the original order. If so, the court will then determine the amount and scope of the new child support amount. Alternatively, if support is collected through the State, support can be reviewed after three years.

Do Not Enter a Child Support Order without a Portland Family Lawyer

Portland custody lawyer Ronald Allen Johnston has a full understanding of what are complicated child support guidelines and rules, and is especially skilled at seeking creative solutions for parents involved in contested child support cases. Divorcing individuals who attempt to represent themselves or hire an inexperienced attorney will likely make mistakes in calculations or fail to take advantage of beneficial opportunities. Ronald Johnston is equipped with child support software that can take into account different scenarios and variables to offer clients options on how to approach a child support case. Contact us today to learn how we can help you to calculate child support that is fair and accurate for your unique situation.

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