How to Get Started On A Collaborative Divorce

A collaborative divorce is different than a traditional divorce in several significant ways; first, the parties agree at the outset to resolve matters by negotiation, second, the parties select one or more experts to collect and process information, third, if emotional issues arise surrounding the divorce, the parties agree to use a coach to process these issues. See “What Is A Collaborative Divorce?

Please call my office at 503-226-7986 and ask us to send you a packet of explanatory and background materials on collaborative divorce. There is no charge.

At that time, you can schedule a first appointment, or you can wait to receive and read the explanatory materials before making an appointment. At our first appointment, I will find out about your facts, identify the issues presented in your divorce, discuss various collaborative law documents including the collaborative divorce contract and commitment letter, answer your questions about the collaborative divorce process, and help you determine if collaborative divorce is right for you and your case. We can discuss how to approach the other party about using the collaborative process for your matter. The charge for the first appointment is $160 for the first hour (first time clients only)  and $325 per hour after the first hour.

All parties in a collaborative divorce sign a Participation Agreement. See the sample agreement on this page.

A collaborative divorce in Portland Oregon is possible if you use a family lawyer with experience in these types of matters.  I am Portland collaborative law attorney Ronald Johnston, and I can help you with your case.



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