Our Portland Custody Attorney Cites the Common Mistakes in Child Custody Matters

little girl with divorced parents
Portland custody lawyer Ronald Allen Johnston represents both mothers and fathers in child custody cases, and his mission is always to obtain the best results under the law for his clients. He is also known as a father’s rights advocate, as he believes that both mothers and fathers should be given equal opportunities and consideration by the courts in deciding who should be the primary legal custodian of children. Child custody cases can be the most heated and emotionally intense form of family law litigation, as parents consider their children more precious than any other issue in divorce. Due to the high stakes of a custody case, parents sometimes act rashly and make mistakes in handling their case, which will negatively affect the outcome.

How to Avoid the Seven Most Common Mistakes in Child Custody Matters

  1. Do not act without legal advice. You should obtain a consultation and evaluation of your custody case if you are even remotely thinking of a legal custody contest either as part of a divorce or between unmarried parents.
  2. Do not move out of the family home unless there is a firm agreement for a parenting time plan between the parents.
  3. Avoid any conduct on which the other side may make a claim of domestic violence, alcohol abuse or substance abuse.
  4. Avoid making unfounded claims or exaggerated claims about the other party concerning domestic violence, alcohol or substance abuse, child abuse or child neglect.
  5. Do not make threats such as, “You will never see the child again” or “I will disappear with the child.” Especially avoid making claims to the effect that you will harm the child or yourself if you do not get your way.
  6. Avoid any conduct that will allow the other side to claim that you have an anger control problem.
  7. Avoid the following thought: “I will give my spouse custody now, and I will seek custody later.” Once child custody decisions are final, they are difficult, time-consuming and expensive to modify.

Having an experienced custody lawyer is essential to identify, analyze and present the critical issues in a custody case in the right manner. Our Portland family lawyer has a reputation for upholding and enforcing both mothers’ and fathers’ rights to their children. Contact Ronald Allen Johnston for a consultation of your case involving child custody, or for a confidential second opinion of your ongoing custody matter.

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