Our Portland Family Lawyer Gives Confidential Second Opinions

Clients often consult with Portland family lawyer Ronald Allen Johnston about their current legal counsel to find out whether their current attorneys are handling their cases properly or if they should be taking different action that would better serve the client. Ronald Allen Johnston is pleased to offer this service to prospective clients. If your case is being handled properly, he will tell you that. If there are other actions that could or should be taken, he will tell you that, too. Sometimes, the lawyer is handling a matter competently but is nonetheless is not meeting the client’s emotional or other needs. If this is the case, he can suggest alternate approaches that will better serve you.

A Note about Terminating Your Current Lawyer

A client in Oregon has the absolute right to terminate a lawyer for any or no particular reason. The client may owe fees to the former lawyer under terms of a retainer agreement; however, the client always retains control of the final decision on who is to be that person’s attorney. If you wish to change attorneys and retain our family law firm, we can suggest simple and professional ways to accomplish this task.

If you are ready to set up your confidential consultation about your divorce or family law matter, please contact our Portland divorce attorney today.

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