Dividing a Business in Divorce

Our Portland Divorce Lawyer Discusses the Importance of Business Valuation

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In an Oregon divorce, the court aims to divide marital property in a way that is “just and proper.” Property division includes not only real and personal property, such as houses, cars, jewelry and household goods, but also any business interests. Dividing a business in divorce requires careful analysis of its assets and liabilities in order to determine its value. Accurate business valuation is critical to ensuring a “just and proper” division of property.

Portland divorce attorney Ronald Allen Johnston has been helping clients achieve equitable distribution of property for more than 40 years. “Equitable distribution” means each spouse receives a “fair” share of the property, not necessarily “equal” amounts. Ronald Johnston will guide you through the discovery process to ensure proper disclosure of all assets and liabilities, including fair valuation of all business interests.

Valuing a Business in Divorce

Valuing a business requires consideration of a number of factors. For example, if it is a sales-based business, merchandise and physical infrastructure will factor heavily into the business’s overall value. For a service-based business, client goodwill and public image are important factors. Your business’s financial records will need to be carefully analyzed in order to arrive at a fair and accurate value, and it will likely be necessary to calculate both present and future values to ensure “just and proper” division. Portland divorce lawyer Ronald Allen Johnston can assist you with business valuation and other property division matters, including referring you to trusted CPAs and appraisers.

Dividing a Business in Divorce

There are several methods for dividing a business in divorce. Potential options include:

  • One spouse buying out the other spouse’s interest or giving him/her assets of equal value
  • Payments being made from the business to both spouses for a specified period
  • Specific parts of the business being awarded to each spouse
  • Continuing to run the business as partners after the divorce
  • Selling the business and dividing the profits

Experienced Portland family lawyer Ronald Allen Johnston can help you determine the best way to divide your business to ensure equitable distribution and avoid future conflicts.

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We understand the importance of having every asset valued correctly, especially business interests. If you are considering divorce, contact Portland family attorney Ronald Allen Johnston to discuss your property division concerns during a pre-divorce consultation. He will fight to ensure you receive your fair share of all marital property.

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