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According to most published reports, about half of all marriages end in divorce. So, although no one starts his or her marriage thinking that they will eventually split up, the fact is, there is about a 50/50 chance your marriage will end sooner than expected. When a marriage does end in divorce things often get very disputed between the two parties. This can lead to a very combative settlement process, which is never easy for anyone involved.

However, one of the best ways to avoid this kind of situation is to have a prenuptial agreement in place before the wedding day. It’s true that prenuptial agreements can be a very sensitive subject, but when done right they can save a couple a lot of time and frustration if their marriage does end up going sour. Preparing sound and sensible prenuptial agreements are just one of the many services we offer at Ronald Johnston Family Law.

Ronald Johnston is a divorce lawyer in Portland Oregon who understands what his clients are going through. For more than 40 years he has been helping couples settle their divorces, either by mediation or by trial. At Ronald Johnston Family Law we also know how to help couples plan for their future with a prenuptial agreement. These documents can be extremely helpful in the event of divorce.

Prenuptial agreements can include many aspects, including property division, spousal support, debt protection, life insurance policies and retirement accounts, among other things. If you need help with a prenuptial agreement from a divorce lawyer in Portland Oregon, then contact us today at Ronald Johnston Family Law. We can be reached by phone at 503-226-7986 or online by clicking here.

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