A Personal Message from Portland Family Attorney Ronald Allen Johnston

This is a personal message from Portland divorce lawyer Ronald Allen Johnston.

Family law is the intersection of law meeting very basic, important personal values. Marriage and children form the basic core values of an individual. When these values disintegrate, and when hopes and dreams become shattered, emotions become raw and distressing. When emotions temporarily overwhelm a person, the person can act foolishly and badly. Stress levels can multiply. The person’s emotional health suffers. The person uses his or her lawyer inefficiently, and often for the wrong reasons. Stress, heartache and unneeded legal fees can result. I am not a psychologist or a therapist. I have been practicing family law for 40 years, however, and I have seen the gamut of human emotions interact with the law, and I have seen how these emotions can either help or hinder the legal court process.

I will share that I have raised and educated two children into adulthood. I will share that I have personally dealt with mental illness in my family; that I have been in long and tedious marriage counseling; and I have endured separation after a very long marriage. When I deal with you as a client, I will understand much of the pain and emotions that you feel. Although I will give empathy, my job as a family law lawyer is to remain objective and to give you the very best disinterested legal advice that I can in order to help you get the best result that the law allows.

If I determine that unbridled emotions are affecting our joint ability to work together efficiently, I will call this to your attention and will recommend coaching or some type of therapy. I will do this because I care about my clients. I also do this because I want to operate at maximum efficiency for you as my client, and do not want outside factors to impact my ability to serve you and represent you. We do provide a confidential second opinion should you need it. Please contact our Portland custody attorney now and let us help you.

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