Family Law Attorney Beaverton Oregon

Family Law and Child Custody

Divorce touches everyone in some way and it is a major life change for the entire family. This process can be emotional and consuming, so it is important to find someone who is passionate about helping your through this time. Ronald Johnston understands that your family is important to you and will advocate to make sure you receive a custody settlement that fits your unique needs. Your Beaverton Oregon family law attorney welcomes all family situations, and you can expect him to defend them in a very steadfast manner.

Regardless of your situation Ronald Johnston Family Law will assert and defend you in your child custody case. It is his mission to resolve issues in a way that allows for the children to thrive. He is a mother and father advocate who believes that parental involvement is vitally important.

Attorney Ronald Johnston has many important qualities that have made him very respected family law attorney:

– He has superior technical legal knowledge of family law related issues.
– His experience and dedication to family law, helps in guiding clients to a realistic settlement on custody.
– He believes that the involvement of both dedicated parents in extremely important as long as parents are capable.
– He wants the best outcome for your family and children, so that the emotional burden is not overwhelming.
– His exclusive dedication to families and litigation experience allows him to take all aspects into consideration when fighting your case.

His Dedication to You

Ronald Johnston is extremely aware of how divorce affects the family unit emotionally and financially. He uses a combination of experience and compassion to provide solutions, counseling, and advice to families going through the process to help them know what to expect. He hopes his clients will reach a place where they can make realistic goals and decisions that benefit everyone.

Contact your Beaverton Oregon Family Law attorney Ronald Johnston is ready to handle all of your family law matters.

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