Family Law Attorney Hillsboro Oregon

The Effects of Divorce

With statistics nearing 50%, the divorce process touches everyone in some way. This major life change can be traumatic for the entire family. The confusion and stress can be felt all around, so it is vital to align yourself with an attorney whose mission is advocate for the entire family. Ronald Johnston understands that your family is important to you and will work hard to make sure you receive a custody settlement that fits your unique needs. Your Hillsboro Oregon family law attorney welcomes all family situations, and you can expect him to fight for the best scenario in a very steadfast manner.

Family Advocacy in Child Custody

Ronald Johnston to do everything in his power to defend you in your child custody case. It is his mission to resolve issues in a way that allows for the children to thrive. He is a mothers and fathers advocate who believes that parental involvement is vitally important.  If both parents are willing and eager to care for their children in a supportive and loving way, Ronald Johnston will fight for you.

Ronald Johnston is extremely aware of how divorce affects the entire family unit emotionally and financially, leading him to be extremely passionate about helping the process along.  He uses a combination of experience and compassion to provide creative solutions, superior legal counseling, and advice for families going through the divorce process. He hopes to assist his clients in making educated decisions and realistic goals regarding reaching a settlement.

Contact your Hillsboro Oregon family law attorney Ronald Johnston, he is exclusively dedicated to all family law matters and will always give his clients the personalized attention and guidance they need.

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