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Our Portland Family Lawyer Upholds Parental Rights

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The decision to give up a child for adoption is one of the most difficult choices parents may have to make. However, what if this important decision affecting you and your child occurred and no one even consulted with you? As with many family law matters involving children, unmarried fathers must work hard to ensure that they take the necessary legal actions to preserve the right to be involved in all aspects of the lives of their kids, including the serious choice of adoption.

Our Portland family lawyer Ronald Allen Johnston often sees these issues concerning the rights of fathers centering on the fact that the father did not establish his rights through the proper legal documentation. Ronald Johnston has advocated for the rights of both mothers and fathers for decades, and understands what it takes to regain these rights and put a stop to an adoption. However, our firm cautions that you must pursue legal action as soon as possible or risk losing access to your child.

Can I Stop the Adoption of My Child?

Determining whether you are a presumed father or a putative father as classified by the law is an important first step to take when understanding the rights you have to your child. If you legally established paternity before the adoption proceedings or were married to the mother during the pregnancy, you are a presumed father, you have the right to notice of adoption, and you can object to an adoption.

Putative fathers are also entitled to legal notice of adoption. Unfortunately, the reality is that many putative fathers do not receive proper notification that the mother is putting their child up for adoption. Fathers who did not receive proper notice of adoption may have an action against a mother for fraud, but this has extremely short time limit. These types of cases are extremely complex, and fathers must act as soon as possible to seek out legal representation.

Fathers in this situation must work to establish a legally recognized relationship with their child by filing for paternity acknowledgements in court, signing putative father registries in addition to performing other acts that show your current involvement in the life of the child. Oregon statutes 109.094 and 109.225 outline the actions putative fathers must take to receive consideration as a presumed father.

Each Contested Adoption Case Is Unique, We Pursue the Most Effective Resolutions For You

If you are aware of the impending adoption of your child or if you would like safeguard yourself in the event that this were to happen, call our Portland family attorney to learn more about how we can help you establish paternity in addition to upholding the rights you have to your child in the court of law. Most actions fathers must take in a contested adoption are extremely time sensitive, so consult with an experienced Portland family lawyer immediately.

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