Restraining Order Defense

Portland Family Attorney Ronald Allen Johnston Assists Individuals Accused of Domestic Violence

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Ronald Johnston understands that heated arguments between spouses or cohabitating couples can sometimes lead to accusations of domestic violence. These are very serious charges that the court of law does not take lightly. Individuals accused of domestic violence who have restraining orders brought against them may suffer from such consequences as:

  • Losing custody of your children
  • Receiving little or no parenting time
  • Removal from your home
  • Ordered to pay temporary child and spousal support
  • And more

What If I am Served With a Temporary Restraining Order?

Portland family attorney Ronald Allen Johnston recommends that anyone who is served a temporary restraining order should seek legal counsel immediately, or they may be at a disadvantage when trying to fight domestic violence accusations. If a temporary order was entered against you, you should not attempt any contact with your accuser, as violations of a restraining order could result in your arrest and criminal charges.

Most individuals make the mistake of ignoring a restraining order notice, or not taking legal action quickly enough so that the situation can be worked out before the order is filed. In the state of Oregon, individuals served a restraining order have 30 days to request a court hearing to not have the full restraining order entered. Additionally, this hearing must take place within 21 days of the hearing request. If a child custody issue is also involved, the hearing must take place even earlier.

My Partner Filed a Restraining Order, How Will This Affect My Children?

It is always a bad situation for the children when a dispute leads to accusations and a restraining order against one of their parents. Once a restraining order is in effect, criminal charges can be brought against the accused for a number of everyday actions, such as sending emails or calling on the phone. This can drive a wedge between you and your child.

Attorney Ronald Allen Johnston helps individuals who need help making the first step in a divorce. Sometimes, restraining orders are entered without a full understanding of the ramifications or how it would affect them or their children. Our firm can help resolve a divorce efficiently without the need for a restraining order, as well as talk to you about other legal options you may be able to pursue.

Let Ronald Johnston Advocate for Your Rights

Call our Portland family lawyer today at (503) 226-7986 to learn more about how retaining an experienced legal professional can help your situation. Since 1976, Ronald Allen Johnston has helped men, women, mothers and fathers settle their family law matters with integrity and sincerity.

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