Impacted by Domestic Violence?

Our Portland Family Lawyer Seeks Restraining Orders for Your Safety

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Our Portland family attorney Ronald Allen Johnston believes that victims of domestic violence deserve the right to live in safety and without fear. His legal experience has helped him gain his clients restraining orders against offenders for victims to be able to move on with their lives, and away from the constant worry of suffering more abuse.

Ronald Allen Johnston can act quickly to secure a temporary protective order as well as work aggressively in court for a renewable or long-term restraining order. If you are in immediate danger, please contact the police to ensure your safety and then consultant with our firm about obtaining a restraining order by calling (503) 226-7986.

Gaining a Restraining Order in Oregon

There are many benefits a restraining order can provide if you or a member of your household is being victimized or threatened with domestic abuse. These benefits include:

  • Removing the accused from your home
  • Barring the accused from the general vicinity of you and your children
  • If the accused is also your spouse, a restraining order can allow for the start of divorce proceedings

Do not wait to seek the protection a restraining order can grant you. Besides protecting you from physical abuse, a restraining order will also end the harassing phone calls, emails and any other form of communication from the abuser. If he or she chooses to contact you after a restraining order has been entered, call the police immediately. A person who violates a restraining order will potentially face strict penalties such as fines, probation or jail time.

Will I Need To Go To Court?

In the state of Oregon, an individual will need to go to court for a hearing if the order is contested by the accused, which happens more often than not. This process can often be stressful, difficult and confusing, but retaining the assistance of our Portland divorce lawyer can help ensure that your restraining order petition includes all the necessary documentation and information needed for the judge to rule effectively and quickly.

Contact Our Portland Family Lawyer Today

Ronald Allen Johnston has provided beneficial results for individuals with family law issues in the state of Oregon since 1976. Ronald Johnston represents men, women and children needing confidentiality and discretion for sensitive legal matters like restraining orders, child custody cases and more. Talk with us today about your legal matters to see if we are able to assist you.

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