Grandparent Visitation

Our Portland Family Lawyer Discusses the Limited Rights of Grandparents

Photo of grandparents with their grandchild
Our Portland family attorney understands that children seem to grow up very quickly. When family members are denied access, they miss important moments and milestones. Not being able to spend time with a child you love can alter your relationship with them for the rest of their lives. However, in most cases, grandparents in Oregon do not have standing to receive court-ordered visitation. The exception is if the child had physically lived with the grandparents for a certain period of time, and it would be detrimental to the child if the relationship was severed.

How Can I Establish Visitation with My Grandchild?

As a general rule, the state of Oregon does not afford grandparents their own set of rights to access to their grandchildren. There are some cases in which a grandparent may be able to petition the court to grant them specific access as an interested third party. If a grandparent was the main caretaker of the child for a period of time before being denied access, they may have standing as a third-party to request visitation, which is called parenting time in Oregon.

Our Portland family attorney has worked with hundreds of families over the years and can put that experience to work for you. We will meet with you to discuss your unique situation, and give you a fair and honest assessment of your chances to be successful.

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