Interstate and International Custody

Portland Custody Lawyer Ronald Allen Johnston Has the Experience You Need

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Contested child custody and relocation actions can be complex and emotionally jarring, and the stakes are even higher if one parent seeks to move with a child to another state or country. Our Portland custody attorney Ronald Allen Johnston has substantial experience litigating issues of custody for interstate and international relocation, travel and enforcement. An attorney dealing with these issues must not only be familiar with Oregon law, but also the Hague Convention and federal laws regarding child custody and child abduction.

Ronald Johnston Represents Parents in Interstate and International Custody

If you are a parent seeking to move to another country with a child or a parent objecting to such a move, you should consult with an experienced attorney early in the process. Moves can be delayed or blocked entirely. You should know your rights and the limits on those rights before making or acquiescing to a move.

Know the laws governing international and interstate child custody if you are seeking to move or travel to another state or country with a child.

Children should be able to travel internationally for temporary periods, but divorced and unmarried parents should receive court orders and consent forms to present to security so the trip goes smoothly.

Our Portland Family Lawyer is Equipped for Hague Convention Cases

Ronald Johnston often handles matters refused by other attorneys. He takes pride in giving cases a “fresh look.” He often sees things overlooked by others. He strives to overcome the challenges of international custody matters with hands-on experience coupled with knowledge of the governing federal laws and the Hague Convention. If your ex-spouse and child seek to move to another country, he will get to work on enforcing the child custody agreement. That includes discovery governed by federal laws. While your case may be complex, he will not give up just because he faces challenges. He will be at your side until your legal issues are resolved.

If you are considering a move or travel with your child internationally, do not take any action until you speak with a qualified child custody attorney to ensure you do not run afoul of state, federal or international law. Contact Portland custody lawyer Ronald Allen Johnston for a consultation to discuss your international or interstate custody case and to see what legal options may be available to you.

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